0619-0101 Silver and white embossed metal parchment plaque. Dimension 6" x 8"

Other sizes: 0619-0100 (5" x 7")  &  0619-0102 (7" x 9")

In the Aluminum plaques section you will find products that are ideal for honoring professionals in sports, businesses and the corporate world, also students and  teachers, co-workers and many more people of excellence. All metal plaques support sublimation and rotary engraving process. We supply the blank material and, if you want, the sublimation service too. You will have access to many styles and textures to give you more possibilities with your metal plaques making you unique every time. We can also customize your metal plaques to give you more options.Since all plaques are customized, you will get your final price from your trophy awards retailer.

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