Win big with Prizes for Excellence during the Awards and Personalization Expo 2020 in Las Vegas!

Let's play!

On Friday February 21st, between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM you can save up to $150.00 USD on all orders of $600.00 USD or more. It's up to 25% discount on your order !!!

To be eligible to these $ 150.00 USD, the rules are simple:

  • You have to Place 1 order of $ 600.00 USD or more; you can participate only once;
  • The order must be placed by email On Friday February 21st, between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM Las Vegas TIME
  • You must answer 10 questions; each question is worth an amount of money from $ 5.00 to $ 30.00. The total of money from correct answers will determine your total savings; you can save up to $ 150.00 + $ 30.00 from the bonus questions!
  • All answers are on our website You will surf through the sections and read trophies' description to get the answers.



Here are the questions. To help you, we will answer the 1st question; don't forget to use the "Search" tool.

1) Name of Prizes for Excellence 1st trophy collection? (for $ 5.00) Answer: Adventus 1

2) Name of a French Caribbean Island? (for $ 10.00)

3) Name of a dunk contest winner who will retire in 2020; provide his full name? (for $ 15.00)

4) Name of a professional soccer club? (for $ 20.00)

5) Name of an online video game MMORPG? (for $ 20.00)

6) Name of a retired racing driver; please provide his full name? (for $ 10.00)

7) Name of a retired Mexican boxing legend; please provide his full name? (for $ 10.00)

8) Name of 2 companies for which Prizes for Excellence is the exclusive distributor in The United States and Canada  ? (for $ 10.00)

9) Name of a Canadian player; please provide her full name? (for $ 20.00)

10) Name of a manga (Japanese cartoon) ? (for $ 30.00)

Bonus questions

11) Name of a Caribbean Princess? (for $ 20.00)

12) Name of the Captain of that professional soccer club during that period; please provide his full name? (for $ 10.00) see question #4

    Mark this date in your calendar and good luck ! 


    Note: This offer is only for trophy, award and promotional items retailers. All answers and the order must be sent by email to Once a month, we send promotions of our products; if you don't want to receive them, just let us know. Thank you.


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