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We are participating in a competition for new entrepreneurs organised by "LADN MONTÉRÉGIE"  We would like you to vote for us at (We are at the bottom of the page)


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For our leadership

With a small team, we have build a complete manufacture of trophy awards in South shore of Montreal. Our first collection called Adventus was designed in less than a year. Our target markets are North America and the Carribean.

We are the first company to manufacture trophies in Montérégie and perhaps Canada, the owner of which is a Quebecer of Haitian origin. We are proud of it. We plan to stay and expand our business on the South Shore by creating more jobs in our region. But that's not all; in the near future we will build two factories in the United States and in the longer term, one in Haiti. All of these manufactures will allow us to reach our customers in a short period of time. We want to create wealth wherever we sell our products but also, we want to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible by creating these factories close to our customers. We thus limit transcontinental transport.


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On August 18, 2020, we were the only North American trophy manufacturer to participate in the Sage Show Virtual fair. This virtual event was a world first in our industry.

In September 2020 we will participate in two more virtual fairs; who knows, we will still be leaders in our field. Natcon 2020 Virtual Virtual hosted by PPPC and Sage Show Virtual.



For Boldness and Determination

All operations ranging from the design of trophies, the purchase and storage of raw materials, to the assembly to obtain the finished products, are carried out in Saint-Hubert on the South Shore of Montreal.

In February 2020, Awards for Excellence was the only Canadian manufacturer of trophies to participate in the largest fair for manufacturers and distributors of recognition and award products. You can see our booth by following the hashtags #PrizesforExcellence and # ApExpo20 on various social media.


On the other hand, we negotiated and obtained the exclusive distribution license for the products of the Sartor and Golden Life range. These two Italian companies have their products in 83 countries around the world; there's a good chance you've seen some before. One of these companies manufactures the trophy awarded to the world champion in Formula 1. We intend to expand our range of exclusive products to better serve our customers. With our contacts we are able to materialize any trophy.

Despite our youth as an entrepreneur, it is an honor for us to see this competitor, who thought that we would never manage to launch our business and now, go to so much trouble to copy our products ... Know that we will never be intimidated by anyone and we will relentlessly continue to innovate and blindly serve our customers.


For innovation

We want to be eco-responsible; that is why we seek to use recyclable raw materials. In our industry, we will be one of the first companies to have a very low carbon footprint compared to others. We work with our suppliers to do our part to protect our environment.



On the other hand, our male and female management employees will have exactly the same salary for identical tasks. Unfortunately, there are still places in Quebec where this equality does not exist; and, it's deplorable for my two daughters and me. 

In 2020, we introduced an aggressive program in our industry to relieve our customers of their transportation expenses. Not only can they get back all the money spent, they will even be able to earn some ... This program has been put in place to help especially the small traders on whom we focus strategically.

We hope that after reading these lines it will be easier for you to vote for us. Otherwise, go and encourage one of these entrepreneurs!

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