Prizes for Excellence - Trophy retailers November and December 2020 Special


1) Save up to 30% on your next order!

From November 18th to November 30th 2020, buy any available products in our collection at end column pricing and get another 5% discount on the total order.


2) Be at end column pricing every day on any quantity!

Put any of our products on the 1st 2 pages of your trophy section on your web site, you will be at end column pricing when buying this specific item and this, as long as this item exist in the current year collection. For Sartor products, you will get 5% discount. This offer is valid from November 18th to December 31st 2020.

The cycle life of a trophy model is 3 to 5 years; our offer represents a saving of 5% to 25% on every order you place for the next 3 to 5 years, no minimum required!!!

Example #1: Put our product 0119-4211 on page 1 of your trophy section on your web site. In 2021 you want to order this item, you will pay end coulumn pricing for it. In 2023, if this item still exists, you will pay end column pricing for it again.

Example #2: Put our product 9218/2 on page 2 of your trophy section on your web site. Since it is a Sartor style (only 1 pricing, see price list), you will have 5% discount. In 2023, you want to order it and it is still in our collection and on your web site, you will have a 5% discount on the current year price.


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